Alkaline Water Pitcher Deal (Black)

Alkaline Water pitcher Deal – AlkaJug for alkaline/basic water | with FREE pH test paper
The AlkaJug for alkaline/basic water | with FREE pH test paper. A must have for at home, at work and ideal to take with you on a trip.
This Water Jug is different from the standard water filter jugs, such as Brita, Bobble. This water jug naturally filters the tap water for taste and odor-distorting elements/substances and reduces metals such as lead and copper.

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This CombiDeal includes the following products:
Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Alkaline Pitcher AlkaJug Black
1 × Alkaline Water Pitcher (Black)
 47,50 Incl BTW
Free pH testing paper
1 × pH testpapier
Alkaline Pitcher Filter Pack
Save and order filters! Choose: 1, 3, 6 of 12 pack filters en receive 10% extra discount!

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Alkaline Water pitcher Deal – AlkaJug for alkaline/basic water | with FREE pH test paper

A must have for at home, at work and ideal to take with you on a trip. The AlkalineWater Jug (AlkaKan) is different from the standard water filter jugs, such as Brita, Bobble. This water jug naturally filters the tap water for taste and odor-distorting elements/substances and reduces metals such as lead and copper.

BUT the AlkaKan does more! During the filtration process, minerals are also added to the water, which increases the pH value (acidity) and decreases the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). The AlkaKan turns tap water into delicious freshly filtered, alkaline / basic (ionized) water with better hydration due to the increased pH value and the anti-oxidant effect due to the reduced ORP.

Many advantages:

Economical and convenient
Improves the taste of hot and cold drinks (fuller aroma)
Ideal for healthy cooking
Wonderfully fresh, alkaline and mineralized water
The AlkaKan and the filter are of course BPA-free!
Dimensions: 17 x 32 x 30 cm.

The filter does not “dead” the tap water:

Filters out taste and odor impairing substances (eg: chlorine)
Reduces some of the metals, such as copper and lead, that can enter drinking water through pipes
Colloidal silver keeps the filter cartridge clean (antibacterial)
Alkalizes and mineralizes the water due to the addition of lime and magnesium
The pH value increases by 1.5 – 2 points
The ORP drops by -200 to -500mV (!!)

In short, a great alkaline water product with which you can make alkaline water within a few minutes!

Content Filter:

Filter mesh
Ion exchange resin
Alkaline Mineral Granules
Active carbon
Natural minerals (magnesium, lime)
FAR infrared ceramic balls
Strainer ring

Service life filter cartridge/filter cartridge:
The filter usually lasts about 1-3 months (depending on use).
The lid is equipped with an electronic replacement indicator. This indicator indicates when you need to replace the filter cartridge. We recommend that you replace the filter every 4-6 weeks. With the pH test paper you can of course also measure whether your filter is still working properly.

Filter Service:
Via “My Account” you can activate the FilterService for free.

Sign in
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Select your product
Select the number of days
Start timer

At least 7 days in advance you will receive an e-mail with a reminder to replace your filter.
After replacing the filter, log in to your account, reset the timer of the correct product and you will receive another reminder in due course.

You can also order new filters directly from this part of your account. Click on “Order Filters” and you will go to the right product.
Apart from the fact that this is of course easy (always the right filter), it is also cheaper!
Regular FilterService customers receive an additional 10% discount, if ordered via the FilterService.

Delivery & colours:
The AlkaKan is supplied as standard, including 1 filter cartridge and free pH test paper.
There are various colors (White, Blue, Green and Black). The AlkaKan and the matching filters are the same colour.

Deviating return policy upon withdrawal:
Due to hygienic reasons, we cannot accept returns and sales of certain products.

Unopened filters in seal (see product photos) may be returned. Opened filters cannot be returned. For hygienic reasons, we are not allowed to take it back and resell it. Attn. we will charge 100% of the purchase price of a separate filter for this part.
Returning the product (after it has already been used) is possible, however we reserve the right not to grant a refund or a partial refund (maximum 50% of the purchase price).

The pH and ORP results stated by the manufacturer are from laboratory testing under controlled conditions. The results can/will therefore deviate from the values adopted by the manufacturers and by us. pH and ORP strongly depend on the qualities of the water to be used:

For example, the starting value of the pH can deviate strongly.
The filter (with mineral ionization) is outdated.
The temperature of the water is also never ideal. The lower the temperature, the higher the oxygen content of that water. Since water from our taps never has a value of around 2 degrees Celsius, the amount of oxygen in the water is never optimal, so the ORP is never optimal either. Depending on its temperature, the water has a maximum storage capacity of 14mg. per liter. If the water from your tap is about 12 degrees Celsius, it can therefore contain much less oxygen than at the aforementioned 2 degrees Celsius.
The mineral content and the proportions of the various minerals to each other can vary greatly. Without minerals or other matter present, ionization cannot take place, because water itself is a very poor conductor.
How many liters of water per minute is the water flow? In principle, the rule of thumb for ionization is: “The slower, the better!

Fabrikant: WellBlue
Materiaal: Plastic
Garantie: Carry In 1 jaar
Breekbaar: YES
Hittebestendig: NO
Vaatwasser veilig: NO
Artikelnummer: AW_14263


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Vanwege hygiënische redenen kunnen wij bepaalde producten niet retour nemen en verkopen.

  • Ongeopende filters in seal (zie productfoto’s) mogen retour. Geopende filters kunnen niet teruggestuurd worden. Vanwege hygiënische redenen mogen wij deze niet retour nemen en weder verkopen. T.a.v. dit onderdeel zullen wij 100% van de aanschafprijs van een los filter in rekening brengen.
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De door de fabrikant vermelde pH en ORP-resultaten zijn afkomstig van testen in laboratoria met geconditioneerde omstandigheden. De resultaten kunnen/zullen derhalve afwijken van de door de fabrikanten en door ons overgenomen waarden. pH en ORP is sterk afhankelijk van de kwaliteiten van het te gebruiken water:

  • Zo kan de startwaarde van het pH sterk afwijken.
  • Het filter (bij mineralen ionisatie) is verouderd.
  • De temperatuur van het water is daarnaast nooit ideaal. Hoe lager de temperatuur, hoe hoger het zuurstofgehalte van dat water. Aangezien water uit onze kranen nooit een waarde heeft van rond de 2 graden Celsius, is de hoeveelheid zuurstof in het water nooit optimaal, dus is het ORP ook nooit optimaal. Het water heeft afhankelijk van zijn temperatuur een maximaal bergend vermogen van 14mg. per liter. Als het water uit uw kraan zo’n 12 graden Celsius is, kan het dus veel minder zuurstof herbergen dan bij de eerder genoemde 2 graden Celsius.
  • De minerale inhoud en de verhoudingen van de diverse mineralen tot elkaar kunnen sterk verschillen. Zonder mineralen of andere aanwezige materie kan er niet worden geïoniseerd, omdat water zelf zeer slecht geleidt.
  • Hoeveel liter water per minuut is de waterflow? Bij ionisatie geldt in principe de vuistregel van: “Hoe langzamer, hoe beter!

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